Under the direction and supervision of Antonio Álvarez Bernal, our guitars offer an unlimited guarantee covering all possible problems in the construction, like an overlapping of the joints, profiles, harmonic bars, frets …

As you do not always have the right time to try a guitar, we also offer you the possibility to change your guitar if you are not completely satisfied with its sound or comfort. Ask us the conditions.

It is totally excluded from the warranty, the misuse of the instrument, bumps, scratches, cracks, excess moisture or lack of them, bad practices in transportation due to a cover with poor protection, the expiration of the handle or lid harmonic by not lowering the tension in a long period of time without using it, transporting it in car or airplane in an inadequate way without lowering the tensions, scratches on the rubber wool produced by buttons of the shirts or the wear of it by touching in short sleeves, robbery or plunder, except if you have contracted the insurance that would cover all the above described.

In the same way, the guarantee will be exempted in the event of any manipulation by any person or company outside Guitarrería Alvarez y Bernal.

Alike, if you have to send the guitar for repair from anywhere in the world, transportation will not be included in the warranty.

Moisture Conditions

Keep in mind that wood is a living material, which although it is cut and dried for many years, picks up moisture easily if we do not protect it from it. That is why we always advise that it is inside its case and that it protects the instrument from environmental humidity. Always with our special guitars and Luthier we include this type of covers to avoid excesses during the coming years and the instrument is always improving.

We will always be at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have with your guitars.