Special 10 Flamenco Guitar Cypress

Back and sides —— Cypress.
Soundboard —— German spruce.
Mango —— cedar.
Tuning-fork —— ebony.
Bridge —— India rosewood.
Frets —— Alpaca.
Saddle and saddle —— bone.
Kicker —— transparent.
Machine head —— great quality.

Due to the constant work to improve sounds, harmonies and pulsing of our guitars, prices and materials may change.

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Flamenco guitar built with first quality in German spruce and cypress wood. Especially chosen, and a cure naturally for more than 10 years. Very Flemish, deep, high-quality sound. Includes ability to strategically placed special range and finished in carbon to better reproduce the media and you record, so the projection is very different from the conventional, especially for flamenco and Jazz.