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There are two types of Spanish guitars: on the one hand we have the flamenco and on the other hand the classic. The main differences between the two are in the use of different woods and the construction of harmonic bars.

The choice of Woods are different in both cases: the thickness, angles, tuning, sprouting of bars, the disposition of the harmonic bars, crossbar, mango, throw or length width… are completely different between the two.

Flamenco Guitars

For its construction and the woods used, in the flamenco guitar the sound is more sharp and smooth bass. Due to the height of the string at the tuning fork, along with having the lowest stock guitars, they are much more comfortable playing, and also produces a typical and characteristic rasp in the Flamenco guitars.

The fall of the handle in the flamenco guitar is negative in order to give you a little more angle to the handle, in contrast to the classical guitar, where the fall leads to greater height on the bridge.

Our guitars are different with respect to the others by thoroughly fulfil these premises, and always seek the complicity with the client, offer them everything they need or seek both in relation to the sound, and the comfort provided by the flamenco guitar. We always try to make these guitars with a very pure sound, and are especially comfortable for musicians, although sometimes we also incorporate new technologies to create different sounds.


Classic Guitars

In classical guitars the differences reside in the thickness of the wood, the width of the rings is more pronounced, with a greater angle of fall, which entails a greater projection in its sound, and this in turn is cleaner.

By the height of the rope in your range, on its soundboard, the characterization of the classical guitar sound is very clean, very pure, very deep, without any variation.

An excellent quality wood we use for our classical guitars. We work very carefully cover, relevant point of the harmony that all professional clients and students of the classical, from an economical price, look for incorporating the finest materials with an optimal drying time. We are also working guitar for bossa, recognized by the best professionals.