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“Every master owns his home and this one is the home of all the great musicians and artists who have trusted us to put music into their lives. We build guitars but with them we get world not to remain silent. We help things happen. We summon art, as spirits are summoned. Spirits that are in every instrument and in every artist, regardless of language or place of birth. You can just feel it flying over the air with each chord. Because all art needs discipline, work and especially sensitivity to understand it. We work with the hands, the ear and the heart. We are artisans of music, your music. And we live for it. Welcome to my workshop. Welcome to your home.”

– Antonio Álvarez Bernal –

More and more artists are joining the Álvarez & Bernal family. Over the last few weeks artists such as Pat Metheny, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Ricardo Arjona or Javier Limón, among others, have received their new instruments made by the luthier, Antonio Álvarez Bernal. Even in the Seville Tower, the skyscraper of Seville, there is a space that shows the work carried out in our workshop. Do you want to know more about us? Discover our news in our social profiles.

Making the difference


The legacy of the greatest Luthiers

We have learned from the best in this trade. Hard and daily work. From those old-time guitars with a round and unique sound. A legacy from parents to children with the precision of the old artisans, such as the clocks of music. So that’ s why we like to take care of every detail in everything we do. Because a guitar is the reflection of who makes it and who plays it. It’s all in one.

Designing your guitar to your needs

All our guitars are made especially for each customer. Variations in the wood, in the placement of the harmonic bars, the predominant sound, the colors, the distances between the support points or shot, the height… It can also be customized with an own drawing. Tell us what you want and we’ll provide you with a free studio.


Always take care of your instrument

In our workshop we know that the instrument is for one’s whole life. The selection of the woods is made with affection and they are treated for a certain time to reinforce its healing and sealing. We are so sure of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty to cover any defect arising from the construction. Find out here.

Many artists have trusted our guitars since our origins. They have travelled all over the world accompanying them. Hotel rooms, kilometres of tours, a multitude of studio recordings, performances that took their sound to every corner of this planet. From Alejandro Sanz, José Antonio Rodríguez, Scorpions, Jorge Drexler, Raimundo Amador, Daniel Casares, Kiko Veneno, Juanito Makandé, Vanesa Martín, Antonio Orozco, Manuel Carrasco, María Carrasco, John Parr… Hundreds of artists have achieved to sound “more flamenco” thanks to our guitars. And everyone knows about our constant evolution and that we are not satisfied. We put ourselves in the shoes of our artists and that’ s why they continue trusting in our guitars to put music to their lives.


Pay your guitar in easy installments

If you are interested in buying one of our guitars and you don’t want to make a big investment, ask for more information in our contact form, we will answer you as soon as possible. More information

Your guitar, as the first day

Many artists trust us because we have one of the best repair services in our country. We have worked and repaired guitars of the best luthiers like Manuel Reyes, Hermanos Conde, Ramírez, Paulino Bernabé, Barba , Domingo Esteso, Juan Estuch or Vicente and Ricardo Sanchís. Contact us with your problem and we will help you.


Check the conditions of our insurance

We care about your guitar because we know what it means to you. And that is why in all the purchases you make in our workshop you will have the option of including a complete insurance that protects your instrument from any unforeseen circumstances. Antonio Álverez Bernal, an expert luthier, has been working with insurance companies for more than fifteen years, as well as with any type and brand of guitars.

Antonio Bernal is an artist committed to many causes. “To build instruments is to bring music, a universal good, to the most needy. It educates, teaches and builds a better society,” says the luthier. His last collaboration has been to organize a concert together with the guitarist Daniel Casares in the prestigious Hotel Alfonso III for UNICEF. All for the cause “R2A Road to Awareness”.


Now in Álvarez&Bernal, Premier Tax Free

All those who buy a guitar in our workshop and live in a country that is not in the European Union, will be able to take advantage of the Premier TAX FREE. Contact us in our workshop or at info@guitarreriaalvarezybernal.com